All women and families Australia wide deserve continuity, connection and community. 

Telehealth brings that to you.


Perfect for those in remote, rural and lockdown areas!

Telehealth is important because it increases my ability to provide midwifery care and services to people anywhere, anytime.

Allowing you to continue safely accessing maternity care remotely.

Telehealth is for people requiring midwife care, support, education and services whilst not being able to physically attend a healthcare location.

Telehealth is available for:

  • pregnancy support, care and advice
  • antenatal care and support
  • labour and birth education
  • postpartum support
  • breastfeeding support
  • newborn care, sleep and development
  • parenting and motherhood

Telehealth services are accessible throughout pregnancy and up to 6 weeks post-birth.

BULK BILLED with a GP Referral

Midwife online, telehealth for pregnancy
pregnancy coach online

How it works

We will meet face-to-face through your screen in a secure and private virtual clinic room. Webcam is preferred so that I can see your face. 

All telehealth services meet all government and health privacy standards, and nothing is recorded.

Medicare Rebates available for consultations – A referral from your GP required. Click here for details.

Are you eligible?

Telehealth is NOT available in metro areas – unless in Lockdown due to COVID-19. 

During government-mandated lockdowns, Telehealth is available in lockdown areas. 

Other accessible Telehealth areas can be found HERE.

To see if you are in a Telehealth Area SEARCH HERE.


>  Select 2019

> Type in your address in 'Find Address' bar

> Telehealth available to M5, M6 & M7 areas.  

> All areas available during government stated lockdown

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How I can support you in Pregnancy via Telehealth

  • One off or multiple consultations throughout     pregnancy
  • Individualised and Personalised Care
  • Pregnancy education
  • Exploring pregnancy topics
  • Pregnancy and childbirth options
  • Education for labour, childbirth and early parenting
  • Birth planning & VBAC support
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning (OFP)
  • Induction of Labour education
  • Caesarean Section education
  • Birth Support
  • Breastfeeding education during pregnancy
  • Postpartum healing preparation
  • Consultations will be your opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings, desires, and concerns.
  • Ample time to answer all your questions
  • Continuity of care with your Midwife 
  • Advocating education for women & her birth team
  • Empowerment to navigate the complex maternity care system. 
  • Explain and arrange pathology and ultrasound investigations you may choose to have.
  • Provide referral for medical review if needed.

How I can support you in Postpartum via Telehealth

I will work intimately with you, your baby and family providing you with support, encouragement, knowledge and empowerment to be the mum you want to be. Working together to ensure not just surviving but thriving!

We will work together to maintain your oxytocin glow well into your postpartum to enhance your breastfeeding, bonding, healing, deeper sleep and reduce anxiety, focusing on your long-term health and well-being as a whole. 

  • Birth debriefing and discussions
  • Support in whole woman health
  • Breastfeeding support & education
  • Support in any feeding method you desire
  • Normal newborn behaviour and education
  • Newborn care advice (e.g. Baby bathing, baby massage, wrapping, settling, sleeping, feeding, baby wearing).
  • Adjustment to motherhood, fatherhood, moods/emotions, changes in relationships, sleep and contraception.
  • Referral and consultation with allied health if needed.
  • Ongoing parenting advice, support, and education.

How I can support you with Breastfeeding via Telehealth


  • Why breastfeeding is important for both Mum & Baby.
  • Establishing breastfeeding and navigating challenges.
  • The risks associated with not breastfeeding.
  • The importance of skin to skin time post-birth.
  • Importance of the first feed, Golden Hour and rooming in.
  • The effect of bottles, teats and dummies on  breastfeeding.
  • Why every breastfeed matters.
  • Feeding cues and frequency of feeding.
  • Positioning and attachment advice.
  • Indications the baby is getting enough milk.
  • Poor weight gain in baby.
  • Maintaining and increasing breast milk supply.
  • Breastfeeding support groups and community services.
  • Discuss goals, fears, myths and answer all questions.
  • Management of sore nipples.
  • Review and management of blocked ducts or mastitis.
  • Breastfeeding and returning to work.
  • Expressing and storage of breast milk.
  • Introducing solids while breastfeeding.
  • Weaning safely.

Book an Appointment

Telehealth Consultations (Short – 30 mins, Long – 60 mins)

When booking please mark in appointment comments requesting a telehealth appointment. 
After booking a telehealth link will be generated and will be sent to you via email 1 day prior to your appointment.