Research shows that mothers who are supported by the same midwife for 6 weeks after birth are more likely to continue breastfeeding and have higher rates of satisfaction with their experience.

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Our maternity system doesn’t respect the importance of postpartum healing and support. It enforces the “Bounce Back” directive.

Currently, women receive postpartum support for generally the first week after birth. In the public system, women are often sent home between 2-3 days and women in the private system are sent home often after 4-5 days. The public system does offer home-visiting midwives who visit women either 1-2 times within the first week. The women in the private system receive no home visits.

You have just grown a baby, birthed a baby, & now nurturing a baby, whilst also trying to heal your body through the massive changes it has just undertaken.

Plus this support is often time-limited & performed by a number of different midwives which can lead to a lot of conflicting information and advice.

Hello overwhelmed and confused.

You deserve MORE than 1 week of support.

So much happens in that first week and it can feel very much like a blur.

It takes time to heal.

It takes time to find your feet.

It takes you even more time to get to know your baby.

Plus the whole time most new mums feel the expectation that she should know what to do.

It can be different.

Your postpartum can be redefined.

Your postpartum support can be more.

More time. More support. More nurturing. More consistent and accurate advice. More unique to you. More accessible. More beneficial for you, your baby, and your family as a whole.

If you are ready to get the more you deserve, see how I can provide you with more during your postpartum.

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Postpartum Midwifery Care

I will work intimately with you, your baby and family providing you with support, encouragement, knowledge and empowerment to be the mum you want to be. Working together to ensure not just surviving but thriving!

We will work together to focus on your long-term health & well-being as a whole. We will work together to maintain your oxytocin glow well into your postpartum to enhance your breastfeeding, bonding, healing, deeper sleep and reduce anxiety.

  • Support in whole woman health
  • Breastfeeding support & education
  • Support in any feeding method you desire
  • Newborn care, behaviour and education
  • Clinical care for you and your baby
  • Birth debriefing and discussion
  • Adjustment to motherhood, fatherhood, moods/emotions, changes in relationships, sleep and contraception.
  • Referral and consultation with allied health
  • Ongoing parenting advice, support, and education. Eg: Baby bathing, baby massage, wrapping, settling, sleeping, feeding + baby wearing & cloth nappies.

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Medicare Rebates are available for consultations up to 6 weeks from birth – Referral from GP is required. Consultations provided in a consulting room located in Hillside, Victoria (3037), or In-home consultations (within 50km of 3037, further travel will incur a fee), or Telehealth (in eligible telehealth areas only)

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