Pregnancy, whoa what a time!

Pregnancy can be a wonderful gift, but it can also be a life-changing turn.

Wherever you are in the scope of pregnancy, you are welcome here!

All the feels. Happy, scared, anxious, uncertain, over the friggin moon, overwhelmed, or confused.

We all have expectations on what pregnancy will be for us, and when in reality it doesn’t align, it can send us into a spiral – anxious, fearful, stressed, and riddled with self-doubt. Or maybe you are running through a field of daisies, with a pregnancy glow and embracing all the joy pregnancy can bring.

But whichever journey you are on, pregnancy can be such a confusing time. Conflicting professional advice, unprofessional advice by the bucket load from family, friends, neighbours, online trolls……everyone comes out of the woodwork and has expert advice on YOUR pregnancy.

Then throw in shorter & shorter appointment times + more questions – you do the math.

It shouldn’t be like this.

You deserve more. You deserve better. You deserve continuity of care.

Pregnancy coaching & support

I am a HUGE believer in continuity of care & women getting the pregnancy support they deserve!

You are not just gestating a baby, you are also gestating yourself.

You are transforming, you are evolving, you are absorbing old & new emotions, you are processing new fears & dreams, you are adjusting to motherhood, you are forming a new way of life.

Changes to relationships, work-life, financial life, social lifestyle, and the list go on.

Continuity of care brings you trust, strength & confidence to grow, birth, & nurture your baby. Research shows us that women who have continuity of care have more positive pregnancy & birth experiences, increased success in breastfeeding, & healthier babies.

I am here to provide with you continuity of care throughout your pregnancy.

I am here to be your Pregnancy Mentor/Coach.

I am here to guide and work alongside you for you to answer your questions, reveal your strengths, truths, and desires, discover your fears, and debunk the crazy myths you hear.

As your coach, our relationship will be built on mutual trust, honesty, reflection, and partnership.

As your coach, I am skilled in facilitating strong search questions and reflective listening, which will allow you to generate clarity around your wishes, strengths, motivations, and limiting beliefs, and you will be able to discover, practice, and develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and being with birth.

Coaching is not about childbirth education or how birth works, it is about YOU and YOUR beliefs, YOUR fears, YOUR strengths, YOUR stories, YOUR desires, YOUR birth. How do you achieve that though? How do you achieve it in a society with so much noise?

Having a pregnancy coach is awakening, inspiring, goal-focused, clarity and confidence-building, and addressing all the if’s, but’s and maybe’s before you enter your birth space.

When you enter you will be confident, empowered, focused, and aligned to your goal and birth.

Having a Pregnancy Coach can help you:

  • Regain confidence in your body & mind
  • Transform fear & self-doubt to a place of calm & self-assurance
  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Overcome feeling worried about becoming a parent or navigating the journey ahead
  • Discover your power to make decisions, set boundaries     & say NO!
  • Find & achieve Clarity in your beliefs, desires & goals
  • Embrace a Positive Mindset to change how you think & feel about pregnancy, birth & motherhood.
  • Uncover your motivation & accountability to achieve a healthy & positive pregnancy & birth
  • Focus on what you can control & what you can’t
  • Clear & Process conflicts
  • Prepare & adjust to motherhood with confidence & ease

The benefit of a pregnancy coach:

  • Having a healthier pregnancy
  • Finding more comfort in pregnancy
  • Being better prepared for birth
  • Being better prepared for early parenthood
  • Saving money on unnecessary pregnancy and baby gear purchases
  • Closer bond with your baby during pregnancy
  • Reduced stress
  • Receiving evidence-based resources to make the best decisions in pregnancy and childbirth

In 2016, research found that coach-patient relationships are beneficial in four aspects:

  1. education
  2. personal support
  3. practical support, and
  4. acting as a bridge between patients and clinicians.

The mutual trust and partnership that are central in coaching relationships were central to the coach’s ability to support the patient. A trusting relationship enabled patients, to be honest, ask questions, and express doubts or disagreements, and that allowed the health coach to be more effective.

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Pregnancy Coaching Package



  • Fortnightly one-on-one Coaching sessions via Zoom over three months
  • Phone/Text (Voxer) + Email Support throughout entire package

Cost: $1299

Available as a one-off payment, monthly & fortnightly payment plans.