About Parenting Coach & Midwife Kate Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Kate Elizabeth.

I am:

  • an AHPRA Registered Endorsed Midwife in private practice and homebirth with a passion in being with women forming deep connections and community.
  • a mother to two beautiful children Thomas & Elizabeth.
  • an animal lover.
  • a big fan of summer nights at the beach (my fair skin doesn’t allow for the love of the beach by day).
  • a coffee addict.
  • able to talk about birth, boobs and vaginas all day (what can I say, I really love my job!).
  • dreaming of holidaying in Bali, and one day visiting New York.
  • developing a newfound love for poetry.
  • an advocate for women's health and birth choices.
  • a book & reading nerd with an evolving passion for self growth & development.

My deepest passion is to inspire women to be their best version of themselves; to believe in their natural ability and instincts to birth, nurture, and mother their babies; to inspire them to see their beauty and worth and that they matter. 

Women inspire me to my core and my dream is to inspire women

My Official Story

I have been with women as a Midwife in the private and public system and all the way from Melbourne, Victoria, to Karratha and Perth in Western Australia. I have been a Caseload Midwife, working one-on-one with women and their families, a Clinical Midwife Specialist, and now an Endorsed Midwife with prescribing and diagnostic rights, with the ability to utilise Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Over the past 4 years I have completed my further studies to become a:

  • Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator
  • Newborn Mothers Postpartum Specialist
  • Perinatal Mental Health Midwife
  • Breastfeeding Consultant
  • Baby-Led Sleep & Well-Being Specialist
  • Pregnancy Coach
  • Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Provider and Educator
  • Mama Rising Facilitator
  • Solihull Approach Facilitator - Understanding Your Child with effective & sensitive parenting.
  • Beautiful You Life Coach

In the near future I will be completing certification as an:

  • Motherhood Studies (certified by Dr. Sophie Brock)

I am passionate about furthering my education and knowledge and I strive to continue to learn to further enhance my care & support for women, mothers, babies, children and families. I would love nothing more than to support you on your journey to becoming a parent and shining in your role as mother.

Lamaze childbirth, postpartum helper, pregnancy coach


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My Mission

During my training to be a midwife, and to this day, I hear the term that as maternity professionals we work alongside the “WELL WOMAN”. I have been in the maternity/womanhood field for over 10 years now and I can tell you, we are not ‘well women’!

Yes, in the sense of childbirth – it is not a medical condition it is a normal natural beautiful ability of our bodies to grow, birth and nurture our babies, but the ‘whole woman’ is not well.

We are not well emotionally, physically or spiritually.

We are not surrounded by elders, community and connection.

We are often isolated, overwhelmed and exhausted!

Our body systems are functioning on cortisol. We are in a constant state of fight or flight, not rest and digest. This stress response causes dissociation and depression (sound familiar?).

In the United States alone there are more than 1 million women annually experiencing perinatal mood disorders. We are NOT well women!

We as a society and culture are setting women up to be depleted during postpartum and motherhood, with nothing left for menopause.

It is MY MISSION to change this!

How? I am going to provide the space for women to unite and rebuild this life of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood. We will take small steps together to make BIG changes to the future of women and mothers. We will be renegades and will dispute what society and our culture tell us.

It is my mission to share my teachings, my learned lessons, and what history has taught us but we have forgotten. We will come together as women and mothers in circle (virtually, spiritually and physically) and this is where the magic will happen!

Let’s start the revolution!

How we can work together

I offer a range of services and support for women of all stages of motherhood.