A Midwive's Tale.

what is midwifery

We meet - the three of you, one of me and one baby on its journey earthside.

It's calm, it's quiet, it's brightly lit.
The lights go out, it's time to create a birth space for you to relax and open.
Your waves are coming in slow and steady.
You deep breathe through with well-controlled breaths.
Your tens machine is doing its job.
I work slowly around you trying to hide you from the fast paced hospital just outside the door.

I know at any moment that knock on the door will come.
How far along?

Is she contracting enough?

Have you started the drip?

I manage two hours before they start.
I pray enough time to allow your body the time and space it needs.
We assess, your cervix is the same, but your baby is so low, it gives me faith.
We pop your bag of waters.
I hope this is enough, and all your body needs, we don't want no stinking artificial hormone.

It is! Your body has taken it up a gear.
I jump with glee!
It's now coming thick and fast with very little rest in between.
Your breathing speeds up.
Your noises get louder.
Your baby's heart rate starts causing me grief.
I now turn from carer to medical watch.
It's happening so fast, neither of us can keep up.
We can't catch our breath, baby included.
Dad has the look of "oh fuck!".
The pain I can't remove, I don't know what to do, I didn't think it would be like this.
I shoot him a look - it's all ok and normal.
Baby is not coping, it's time to call the cavalry in.
Within minutes we are running.
Theatre here we come.
We are on the move and fast.
We bump into a wall.
A universe reminder to us all - slow it down.
There's people everywhere.
Machines beeping.
Lights bright and blinding.
But you don't care!
You're in the thickest stage of your journey.
Your baby is bearing down and nothing is stopping her.
Then I see her head and her dark hair crowning.
You bloody beauty!
She's going to do this, she is going to push her baby out.
I run, I need to find Dad!
There he is, dressed in scrubs, pacing.
I say let's go, we're having a baby.
And that's what you do.
You push, you cough, you pant, you birth!
You did it!
You let out a cry, of relief, of happiness, of ecstasy!
We cheer and high-5!
We capture the moment in happy snaps.
We don't stay long, back to birthing we go.
Back to our calm room we started with.
You cuddle, you kiss, you feed, you laugh.
Your family come in, bringing love and Moët with them!
I leave you to it, to cheers and toast to the most amazing day of your life!

I walk out to the busy hospital hall leaving behind,
A beautiful new soul, just minutes old and surround in love!


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