Personalised support from pregnancy to parenthood with a focus on


The 'Gold Standard' of maternity care! I will be your own Midwife Bestie from Pregnancy to Motherhood.


Our connection together is built on loyalty and trust. It is tailored to your own unique needs. I am your active listener and space holder for your challenges, objectives and goals.


A community made by women, for women! A safe space for us to unite, support, empower and rewrite the stories we are told. Every woman needs to have a sense of community.

Parenting Coach-Kate Elizabeth-Hillside Melbourne Victoria

Hello! I’m Kate Elizabeth.

I’m a maternity nerd, registered and endorsed midwife, mother of two, wife, feminist and passionate about motherhood.

I am also a certified:

  • Homebirth Midwide
  • Lamaze Child Birth Educator
  • Breastfeeding Consultant
  • Postpartum Specialist
  • Paediatric Sleep & Well-Being Specialist
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Coach
  • Matrescence Educator

My deepest passion is to inspire women to be their best version of themselves; to believe in their natural ability and instincts to birth, nurture, and mother their babies; to inspire them to see their beauty and worth and that they matter.

My Mission: Helping women to design her own journey in pregnancy and motherhood, embrace her new identity, and become her own guru, whilst held in community.

I'm achieving this by redefining and supporting a woman’s journey through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood.

Are you growing a baby?

Are you getting ready to birth your baby?

Maybe suffering from information overload?

Getting rushed through appointments with your care provider?

Wanting a homebirth?

Are you feeling lost in postpartum?


Are you struggling to get the hang of this breastfeeding thing?

Feeling pushed through our maternity system with minimal support?

Is Dr. Google leaving you to feel more anxious?

Are you looking for sleep support but you don’t want to sleep train?

Are you finding motherhood is nothing like you expected?

Love, joy, rage, anger, resentment, loneliness, conflicted, anxiety, and overwhelmed.

Feeling lost between the old you and the new you as a mother and woman?

I’ve been there too, for all of it!

I’ve grown babies, I’ve birthed babies, I’ve breastfed babies.

I wanted to sleep but I didn’t want to sleep train.

I was lost, full of resentment, rage, overwhelmed, and grief.

Where did the old me go & who is this new me as a mother that I can’t relate to?

It’s so BIG!

This is why we shouldn’t be doing this alone.

This is why we need Continuity, Connection, and Community.

If you are feeling the same and looking for something different.

You have arrived.

You are right where you need to be.

Are you ready to redefine your journey?

Are you ready to receive individual care & support tailored to you?

Are you sick of repeating your story and ready to start writing a new one?

Are you ready to be seen and heard?

Are you ready to connect?

Are you ready to build a community?

Let’s redefine!



Kate Elizabeth Midwife, Parenting Coach, Hillside Melbourne Victoria

Together we can co-create something extraordinary